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A brand new website for the largest purchasing center for retail professionals in Europe.



What did we do?

ux & ui design
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Front-end development
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Trademart is well-known as the biggest buy-in platform for retail in Europe. But while their in-store experience has been second-to-none, their old website was in desperate need of a refresh.

Born Digital was asked to help them with a complete design overhaul (to match their new visual identity) and a new CMS integration in Craft.

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Dots and databases
Our two main challenges

We were facing two big challenges when we started working on this project. How can we turn their unique visual identity (black and white only) into a clear interface design, and how can we translate the complexity of their entire product catalog into an easy-to-use interface.

Dotting the i’s
UI Design

During the exploration phase, we focussed on getting the storyline for the entire website straight during an intensive story mapping workshop. This helped us to define the UX patterns for the catalog later on.

In parallel, we created a bunch of style tiles to explore the visual directions for Trademart. Once the client chose a style tile, we turned it into page designs and a comprehensive component library.

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Building the blocks

After the client validated the UX and UI design, we started developing the website. We used Craft, one of our preferred CMS systems, because of its incredible flexibility and easy-to-use interface.

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