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Valion started their journey in 2016. Back then, they were known as Smartie. But as you can imagine, it’s hard to be taken seriously when you share your company name with a famous tube of coloured candy.

So it was time for a new name and a matching visual identity. And that’s where we came in. In just a few weeks time, we found their new name, matched it with a coulourful visual identity and developed their public website.

Launch project
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When vision brings value. Coming up with a new name

The first step of this project was a co-creative naming workshop. We defined the company’s values and mapped differentiators and criteria for their new name. After an intensive brainstorming session we came up with Valion. A strong name with an international appeal. Not only is it a combination of Value and Vision but it also means champion in Finnish.

A bright new future.
Visual identity

A new name needs a matching logo. We came up an organic and fresh brand mark and matching design system. By combining the letter ‘V’ with the infinite symbol we highlight the company’s successful end-to-end strategy.

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Bold blobs & bouncy buttons. UX & UI design

The website is where their new story and visual identity come together. We designed a fresh and dynamic interface and used Webflow to bring the entire experience to life.

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